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Written Testimonials

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Dipa Patel

Qoute Fantastic dentists, manage expectations very well and provide excellent advice. Treatment completed successfully and could not be happier. Looking forward to my next visit.Qoute Dipa Patel

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Eszter E

Qoute Best dentist experience I’ve ever had!Qoute Eszter E

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Having had gum & dental issues for quite some time I've interacted with a number of professionals in the space for about 20 years here in London. Dr Sudhir Thakerar has been nothing short of extraordinary. The marvellous treatment has relieved pain and improved conditions in my mouth along with educating & encouraging my diligent self-maintenance between visits. My wife has shared similar success along with excellent basic dentistry from other members of the team. If you came upon Clocktower (Golders Green) I am confident you will be happy when you try it & keep them close to your mouth. Qoute RAJIV PARMAR

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute I must make this review a five star as it's just the best , I'm seventy years old now and in all my years this has to be the best dentist I've ever been to. I've always been nervous to go but this man put me right and he's such a calm man and very good at his job hi staff and his wife all nice warm people and they all make you feel at ease. I'm so happy with the job he has done for me he so particular he means to give you perfection and that's what I've got I thank him and his wife so very much . I recommend them to everyone who needs. I will definitely remain going there in the future. Qoute

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Katie T

Qoute I have been a fairly new patient to this practice and am so impressed at the service they provide. Firstly they are extremely accommodating in terms of emergency appointments which is how I discovered the practice. As a patient that has a phobia of the dentist and has avoided visiting a dentist for nearly 5 years, I was made to feel at ease during my treatment which I never believed would be possible. Qoute Katie T

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Family dentist for many years, helpful courteous staff always willing to accommodate. :) Qoute

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute My wife and I have been patients of Dr Thakerar since 1996, when we moved from Scotland. I first went to him for emergency treatment for a lost filling. I was so impressed with his competence and caring attitude – and that of his wife and other staff – that we became regular patients, and have stayed so, even though we moved to live 50 miles away, near Cambridge. We have a regular check up every four to six months, and this has enabled Dr Thakerar to pick up any problems at an early stage. Over the years we have had implants, crowns and bridges, and all have been most successful and long lasting. What has really impressed us is that not only is the equipment is continually updated, so we get the benefit of innovative dentistry, but that Dr Thakerar is so committed to his continuing professional development, and keeping abreast of new developments in dentistry. Just as important, because a visit to the dentist can be quite intimidating, is the whole team's patient focused attitude. We always feel at ease, even in the dental chair, and we know we are getting the best possible treatment. Qoute John

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Emma J

Qoute To all the Staff at The Clocktower Dental Practices
Thank you for being so accommodating and helpful. Qoute Emma J

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Kate W

Qoute Thank you Sudhir..
You really are the best dentist I have come across.... so meticulous, taking time but getting it absolutely right.
I couldn't recommend you more highly. Qoute Kate W

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute I have immense gratitude to Dr Thakerar for curing me of my fear of dentists.Dr Thakerar has been my dentist for the past 11 years and has rescued my teeth. He is dedicated, gentle and truly concerned about his patients. The Practice manager, Varsha, is also dedicated and extremely helpful.
I am sorry I didn't discover this Dental Practice earlier, and cannot recommend The Clocktower Dental Practice highly enough. Qoute RM.

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Sister Elizabeth.

QouteMy sincere and grateful thanks to you Mr Thakerar, for your expert work on my teeth. I do appreciate it as do all the sisters who attend your surgery.
Every Kind Wish.Qoute Sister Elizabeth.

Dr Thakerar and Varsha.
Lynne H

Dr Thakerar and Varsha.
Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. It has meant a great deal. "Thank You"
Kind Regards.Qoute Lynne H

All At The Clocktower Dental Practice.

All At The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Thank you for everything you have done for me and my teeth!!Qoute Christine.

Sudhir & Varsha.
Linda L.

QouteSudhir & Varsha.
Oh where are my manners?
I have been meaning to thank you all for such a long time, and what a great difference my teeth have made to me. As I have said to you before, I am noticing I am smiling a lot more and feel confident when smiling now.
See you all soon.Qoute Linda L.

Summer EC.
The Clocktower Dental Practice.

QouteTo whom this may concern.
I recently had work done at The Clocktower Dental Practice with Dr Sudhir Thakerar. I had a tragic accident where I tripped and fell on my face breaking three of my front teeth. I went to Dr Thakerar the following day because it was close to my flat. They were kind and concerned. They cleaned the damaged area and protected it from infection that day. The following week they used an alternative that worked for my budget, and built my teeth up with composite.
They restored my smile and now I can eat and smile again. I cannot thank Dr Thakerar and his staff more, they were wonderful!
Sincerely,Qoute Summer EC.

Dear Varsha.

QouteDear Varsha.
Thank you so much for your gentleness, patience, kindness, help and support helping me and making time and space. I am truly grateful.
Lots of Love.Qoute Naomi.

Dear Dr Sudhir.
Love Naomi.

QouteDear Dr Sudhir.
Thank you so much for helping me out of pain and being so patient, excellent and kind and for making time and space to see me.
With much gratitude and appreciation.Qoute Love Naomi.

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Charles R.

QouteI have been a patient of Dr Thakerar since 2003. Following my first visit we agreed it would be suitable to install an implant and capped tooth to my lower jaw. The procedure was to be carried under strict hygiene conditions and so it was. Following an injected anaesthetic I experienced no pain either during or after the operation.
Necessarily there was some discomfort from the various instruments in my mouth but this was short lived. Since the operation the cap tooth has been 100% successful.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Thakerar as a pleasing and thoughtful Dental Surgeon.Qoute Charles R.

Hi Varsha.

QouteHi Varsha.
Following my very first consultation with Dr Thakerar I have never looked back. What I originally thought would be an unpleasant and painful journey, was very much the opposite, with an end result that I am delighted with. Creating my perfect smile was a big step for me but I was fully briefed, kept well informed at
every stage and was very much part of the decision making process. I had full confidence and trust Dr Thakerar.
My only regret is not having my veneers done sooner. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone and I know my family would too.
Thank you to both yourself and Dr Thakerar for making my experience with the practice as easy and as pleasant as it has been so far.Qoute Jane.