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Questions & Answers about the Practice

In the event of an emergency, please ring the Golders Green practice for further instructions on 020 8455 6800. Emergency cover by the "on-call" dentist is available from 9am to 9pm during Mondays to Fridays, and from 9am to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

We personally endavour to see all emergencies at our practice on the same day, if it is reported during our opening hours.

Decay may or may not cause discomfort; even though it doesn't hurt, the tooth is deteriorating. Using higher magnification and powerful lighting, it is easier to detect decay at an early stage to prevent excessive tooth damage. When cavities are small, they are much easier and less expensive to treat. Also, mouth cancer can often be spotted during its early stages by your dentist.

Click here to learn about our Preventative treatments which include early detection of decay and gum disease, mouth cancer screening and fitting mouth guards for sports.

Clocktower Dental Practice Golders Green is next to Bus/Tube station with convenient on site parking.

Golders Green
Monday to Friday : 9am to 6pm
Saturday : 9am to 1pm
Out of hours : Only by appointments

Simply, give us a call during our opening hours shown above. Call our Golders Green practice on 020 8455 6800.

Our Preventative treatments include early detection of gum disease, decay, tooth wear and mouth cancer as well as creating mouth guards for sport. Our periodontal treatments includes scale & polish, root planing, gum surgery and bone augmentation. Our restorative treatments include fillings, crown & bridge work, veneers, root-canal treatment. Our teeth-replacement services include dentures (metal or plastic), bridges and implants. Our cosmetic treatments include stain removal, tooth whitening, white fillings, veneers, and orthodontic referrals.

We speak English, Gujarati, Hindi and Farsi.

Yes, we provide wheel-chair access and have a disabled toilet facility available.

Click here for directions to our Golders Green practice. Clocktower Dental Practice Golders Green is next to Bus/Tube station with convenient on site parking.

Parking is convenient and spaces are mostly available. Click here to learn about our Golders Green car parking space.

The centre has modern equipment and conforms with British Dental Association, Faculty of General Dental Practitioner (Royal College of Surgeons) and Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

If you want general information on a condition or treatment, go to the British Dental Health Foundation's web site where they have over 40 online leaflets.

Mouth Cancer Soft Tissue examExamination

Mouth cancer is a malignant growth which can occur in any part of the mouth, including the tongue, lips and throat. Mouth cancers have a higher proportion of deaths per number of cases than breast cancer, cervical cancer or skin melanoma. The mortality rate is just over 50%, despite treatment, with about 1,700 deaths per year in the UK. This is because of late detection.

mc-ribbonMouth Cancer Awareness

Visit your dentist at once if you notice any abnormal problems or are not sure. Six-monthly dental checkups allow early detection!

Mouth Cancer web site : RDOC Mouth Cancer web site >>

Click here to read some patient cards and letters.

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