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Written Testimonials

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Ben Teichman

Qoute Excellent dentist and very friendly, professional reception team. Varsha will look after you and Dr Thakerar will make your teeth look a million dollars. Highly recommended. Qoute Ben Teichman

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Radana Lecka

Qoute I had great experience stuff more than helpful and happy to provide you with an amazing service they saved my tooth for an reasonable price I'm more than happy to recommend them. Qoute Radana Lecka

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Stephen Nappin

Qoute We have been patients at this dentist for over 40yrs and would recommend this practise experience and knowledge of the industry and looks after its patients. Qoute Stephen Nappin, As Seen on

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Winnie O

Qoute Thank you so much for your wonderful service for the past eight years. Absolutely brilliant service, always!!!Qoute Winnie O

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Richard Hulm

Qoute Swift appointments, friendly staff, and effective treatments!Qoute Richard Hulm

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
David Opp

Qoute Honest advice, clear presentation of the options!Qoute David Opp

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Miles T-L

Qoute Overall rating for this dentist : I would recommend this practice to friends or family.

How satisfied were you with the time you had to wait for an appointment? : Very satisfied

Were you treated with dignity and respect by staff at the practice? : At all times

How satisfied were you that the dental practice involved you in decisions about your care? : Very satisfied

Any other comments: I have No hesitation to recommend as they are professional and passionate about their job and the services they offer

Please summarise your overall experience in a single sentence: Very through and passionate Dr and the practice. Qoute Miles T-L

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Anita Ibrahim

Qoute Best dental practice, friendly, informative and great teeth whitening service. Thank you! Qoute Anita Ibrahim

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
James Harrison

Qoute Absolutely Brilliant. Having been in pain for 3 or 4 days and already seen 2 other dentists who gave me very mixed diagnoses, I went to see the team at The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Not only did he diagnose the issue correctly straight away, but he explained all my options and the procedures. He kept me calm and was extremely professional.

No one likes going to the dentist but I have to say this was just a fantastic experience. Good dentists are hard to come by but these guys are really excellent and I recommend them highly and you can't put a price on being pain-free! Qoute James Harrison

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Shabana Azim

Qoute The Clocktower Dental Practice is AMAZING!!

Having always been nervous about visiting a dentist, Dr Sudhir Thakerar was recommended by a friend.

From my initial visit (15 years ago!!!) to date, I can only say how professional, knowledgeable and most importantly gentle Sudhir has been. He has given me the confidence to smile :)

Varsha and Sudhir are an amazing duo who are truly committed to their work and deliver nothing short of a perfect service.

Highly recommend!!!! Qoute Shabana Azim

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Chris G

Qoute With pain in my left molar, I went to a Harley Street dentist who ended up quoting me 1600 £ for a crown! Went in to this dentist as it is 2 mins away from my house and was delighted by the warm and helpful staff, who genuinely wanted to help me. They charged me a fraction of what the Harley Scam Street dentists wanted and am happy to say my tooth feels good as new. Would highly recommend The Clocktower to anyone who wants quality dentistry at a manageable price. Qoute Chris G

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Mike Pilat

Qoute Overall rating for this dentist: I would recommend this practice to friends or family.

How satisfied were you with the time you had to wait for an appointment? : Very satisfied

Were you treated with dignity and respect by staff at the practice? : At all times

How satisfied were you that the dental practice involved you in decisions about your care? : Very satisfied

How satisfied were you with the outcome of your treatment? : Very satisfied

What I liked: As a new patient I must say I was very very impressed with Dr Thakerar skills and knowledge, great dentist. He performed something magical with my complicated root treatment. I would like to say thank you to Varsha, a lovely lady from reception. I can't thank enough to appreciate their amazing work. Price are good. So kind and friendly staff. Highly recommended for everyone, thank you and bless you. Qoute Mike Pilat

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Love from Crina

Qoute Best clinic ever! I just love the stuff. I will definitely come back. Qoute Love from Crina

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute I've been here twice for treatment and both times Dr Thakerar did an excellent job. Very Very professional guy that takes pride in his job. Qoute SUS RAJALINGAM

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Having had gum & dental issues for quite some time I've interacted with a number of professionals in the space for about 20 years here in London. Dr Sudhir Thakerar has been nothing short of extraordinary. The marvellous treatment has relieved pain and improved conditions in my mouth along with educating & encouraging my diligent self-maintenance between visits. My wife has shared similar success along with excellent basic dentistry from other members of the team. If you came upon Clocktower (Golders Green) I am confident you will be happy when you try it & keep them close to your mouth. Qoute RAJIV PARMAR

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Top ratings for this dental practice! Excellent team, very friendly, caring and professional. I have been visiting this practice for the past few years now and Dr Thakerar did various treatments for me including root canals. The best dentist I ever had! He always discussed with me all the options, listened to my concerns (with lots of patience) and did his best to perfection! I am happier than ever with my smile now! Receptionist Varsha was always great and kind as well as the lovely nurse. I have been treated as a member of their family on all of my visits and I am grateful for all the help I received with many dental issues that I had. I would highly recommend this dentist! :) Qoute L KANLIC

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Got an emergency appointment very quickly. Friendly and professional, discussed all costs upfront. Great service, highly recommended. Qoute ANAMARIA KAPULICA

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Nice and friendly staff. Recommend. Qoute

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Klaudia M

Qoute Having been to a number of dentists over the years I want to let you know what a pleasure it has been undergoing treatment at Cloctower Dental Practice. It makes all the difference when you have confidence in your dentist whilst undergoing potentially unpleasant procedures.

They are dedicated to perfection, only do work that is necessary, always take the time in making me feel at ease, never cause any unnecessary pain, and the quality of your work is of an exceptionally high standard.

Highly recommend! Qoute Klaudia M

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Sharan G

Qoute Quick & efficient really really nice people from reception to Dentist just amazing Qoute Sharan G

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Have been meaning to write this review for a while... I had big problem with a wisdom tooth & booked in with my sons dentist and WOW not only is the dentist amazing but his wife is a dream! FANTASTIC with an AMAZING duo, they are incredibly lovely people and looked after me so well, as I have a HUGE phobia of dentists but no need to worry!!

Not only is the work carried out thoroughly & with perfection, but the way they speak and care for the patient is something that money can't buy.. I can't recommend enough... Thank you SO much Qoute Tania, As seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Emmett Connaire

Qoute Got an emergency appointment very quickly, reasonably priced, very friendly and did great work. Highly recommended! Qoute Emmett Connaire, As Seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Reuben Simon

Qoute Very friendly and top quality staff. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of all the work they have done for me and the effort and care all the staff at the practice took in doing so. Qoute Reuben Simon, As seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Great results and care from staff :)

Had orthodontic & cosmetic work done. So happy with results and was much faster than I anticipated.
Thank you very much! Qoute

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute Great dentist who works with you. Qoute

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Viktória Kiss

Qoute Yesterday my tooth was broken, I was in pain, I couldn't drink, couldn't eat. I found the practice on the internet and I called them immediately. The practice coordinator lady, Varsha was wonderful. I was panicking, having a hard day, but she was extremely helpful, kind and reassured me that Dr Thakerar is more than happy to help me after the practice close. So, the practice was closed by that time I got my appointment, but they knew that I am in pain and they worked an extra hour for me with a smile on their face.

I would like to say a big big thank you to Varsha, to Dr Thakerar and to all of the team. If I will have a problem again with my teeth, now I exactly know where to go, who to call. Thank you very much. Qoute Viktória Kiss, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Kimmy Bee

Qoute Great service, been a patient here all my life, and I've never had any issues. Qoute Kimmy Bee, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

QouteExcellent care from all the team. I have been a patient since 2012. First came with big pain and got an appointment. Same day I phoned up. Second time the same...Now coming regularly and very satisfied with Dr. Thakerar job.

Some of his fillings are works of art. Very experienced dentist. Thank you so much. I will recommend this practice and wish all the team a lot of happy, smiling patients.Qoute Monika

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Andy Ly

QouteHaving moved to London recently, I have visited the practice a couple of times this month to receive some treatment and I have found that Dr. Thakerar and the team are friendly, give great informative advice about dental hygiene and are extremely professional. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist in this area.Qoute Andy Ly, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Rahima Begum

QouteI chipped a third of my tooth by falling onto the road and I became unconscious on Wednesday 8th Feb. I needed to get it fixed and was looking for a dentist for a full day. I still could not find any for a couple of hours and then on Friday 10th feb. I was still searching it up on google and then found The Clocktower Dental Practice at around 11:30/11:45am. I received a great response and went in for an emergency appointment at 12:30pm bearing in mind I have not been registered with a dentist as I moved to London to study from Bedfordshire. As you all can imagine I was in distress about my tooth and the dental practitioners did a lot to make me feel at peace and calm. I was to be a bridesmaids for my cousin on Monday 13th Feb so getting this fixed was a priority. The dentist took a look at my tooth at 13:00pm and knew exactly what to do especially after looking at the x-ray he took. He told me to come back at 16:00pm so he can do some filling on to the tooth. He finished the procedure at 16:30pm & I was the most happiest girl in the world. I was so impressed as some orthodontics was performed as well and I has a full teeth again. This is the best dental practice. I never thought I would get it fixed on the same day and as an emergency patient. By far I believe I am the happiest customer. Thank you so much :)Qoute Rahima Begum, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Astrid Frank

QouteThree generations of my family now go to see Dr Thakerar. His work is really professional and he's always up to date with the newest technology. I have been seeing him for my dental work for almost 30 years.Qoute Astrid Frank, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Yamuna Sharma

QouteI've been going here since I was about 12. Have had everything from fillings, cleaning, wisdom tooth issues and emergency out of hours work done. The doctor is amazing and manager/receptionist really lovely. My husband and 3 year old son also go to this practice.Qoute Yamuna Sharma, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

QouteHave been visiting both the practices at Golders Green and Harrow and Wealdstone since 2008. Dr Thakerar and his team are professional, flexible, incredibly helpful and always deliver an excellent service. After a serious accident in which I cracked 3 of my front teeth last year, he and his team were able to accommodate me immediately with a series of emergency appointments, providing me with advice & options throughout. He and his team were able to quickly and skillfully restore my teeth and my confidence to the condition prior to the accident, if not better! Highly recommended.Qoute Hassan, as seen on Google Reviews

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Kevin J

QouteDuring the years I worked as a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, I had a number of referrals from Sudhir Thakerar and had many discussions with him about the cases he sent.

At all times I was impressed with the caring professional attitude he showed towards his patients and his diagnostic skills.

When examining his patients I was extremely impressed with the quality of his restorative work - in particular his aesthetic tooth coloured restorations.Qoute Kevin J. Jones BDS MSc FDSRCS (1988)

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute My wife and I have been patients of Dr Thakerar since 1996, when we moved from Scotland. I first went to him for emergency treatment for a lost filling. I was so impressed with his competence and caring attitude – and that of Varsha and other staff – that we became regular patients, and have stayed so, even though we moved to live 50 miles away, near Cambridge. We have a regular check up every four to six months, and this has enabled Dr Thakerar to pick up any problems at an early stage. Over the years we have had implants, crowns and bridges, and all have been most successful and long lasting. What has really impressed us is that not only is the equipment is continually updated, so we get the benefit of innovative dentistry, but that Dr Thakerar is so committed to his continuing professional development, and keeping abreast of new developments in dentistry. Just as important, because a visit to the dentist can be quite intimidating, is the whole team's patient focused attitude. We always feel at ease, even in the dental chair, and we know we are getting the best possible treatment. Qoute John

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Emma J

Qoute To all the Staff at The Clocktower Dental Practices
Thank you for being so accommodating and helpful. Qoute Emma J

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Kate W

Qoute Thank you Sudhir..
You really are the best dentist I have come across.... so meticulous, taking time but getting it absolutely right.
I couldn't recommend you more highly. Qoute Kate W

The Clocktower Dental Practice.

Qoute I have immense gratitude to Dr Thakerar for curing me of my fear of dentists.Dr Thakerar has been my dentist for the past 11 years and has rescued my teeth. He is dedicated, gentle and truly concerned about his patients. The Practice manager, Varsha, is also dedicated and extremely helpful.
I am sorry I didn't discover this Dental Practice earlier, and cannot recommend The Clocktower Dental Practice highly enough. Qoute RM.

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Sister Elizabeth.

QouteMy sincere and grateful thanks to you Mr Thakerar, for your expert work on my teeth. I do appreciate it as do all the sisters who attend your surgery.
Every Kind Wish.Qoute Sister Elizabeth.

Dr Thakerar and Varsha.
Lynne H

Dr Thakerar and Varsha.
Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. It has meant a great deal. "Thank You"
Kind Regards.Qoute Lynne H

All At The Clocktower Dental Practice.

All At The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Thank you for everything you have done for me and my teeth!!Qoute Christine.

Sudhir & Varsha.
Linda L.

QouteOh where are my manners?
I have been meaning to thank you all for such a long time, and what a great difference my teeth have made to me. As I have said to you before, I am noticing I am smiling a lot more and feel confident when smiling now.
See you all soon.Qoute Linda L.

Summer EC.
The Clocktower Dental Practice.

QouteTo whom this may concern.
I recently had work done at The Clocktower Dental Practice with Dr Sudhir Thakerar. I had a tragic accident where I tripped and fell on my face breaking three of my front teeth. I went to Dr Thakerar the following day because it was close to my flat. They were kind and concerned. They cleaned the damaged area and protected it from infection that day. The following week they used an alternative that worked for my budget, and built my teeth up with composite.
They restored my smile and now I can eat and smile again. I cannot thank Dr Thakerar and his staff more, they were wonderful!
Sincerely,Qoute Summer EC.

Dear Varsha.

QouteDear Varsha.
Thank you so much for your gentleness, patience, kindness, help and support helping me and making time and space. I am truly grateful.
Lots of Love.Qoute Naomi.

Dear Dr Sudhir.
Love Naomi.

QouteDear Dr Sudhir.
Thank you so much for helping me out of pain and being so patient, excellent and kind and for making time and space to see me.
With much gratitude and appreciation.Qoute Love Naomi.

The Clocktower Dental Practice.
Charles R.

QouteI have been a patient of Dr Thakerar since 2003. Following my first visit we agreed it would be suitable to install an implant and capped tooth to my lower jaw. The procedure was to be carried under strict hygiene conditions and so it was. Following an injected anaesthetic I experienced no pain either during or after the operation.
Necessarily there was some discomfort from the various instruments in my mouth but this was short lived. Since the operation the cap tooth has been 100% successful.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Thakerar as a pleasing and thoughtful Dental Surgeon.Qoute Charles R.

Hi Varsha.

QouteHi Varsha.
Following my very first consultation with Dr Thakerar I have never looked back. What I originally thought would be an unpleasant and painful journey, was very much the opposite, with an end result that I am delighted with. Creating my perfect smile was a big step for me but I was fully briefed, kept well informed at
every stage and was very much part of the decision making process. I had full confidence and trust Dr Thakerar.
My only regret is not having my veneers done sooner. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone and I know my family would too.
Thank you to both yourself and Dr Thakerar for making my experience with the practice as easy and as pleasant as it has been so far.Qoute Jane.